Starting out on your own as a new business can be really exciting but also, really terrifying.

Once you get over the thrill of taking that huge step, a lot of the time, it’s just you, sat at a computer thinking, ‘OK, what do I do now?’

It can be hard to keep the momentum going, especially when you work on your own and the clients you know are out there, aren’t finding you. I’ve been there and I know how disheartening it can be. So I just wanted to share with you a few of the people that I found really helpful. There are a lot of blogs and books out there with advice but these are the people that resonated with me for two reasons. Firstly, they give advice that you can put into practise immediately. There’s no fluff. Secondly, you see straight away that these are real people. When you can connect to someone on a personal level, I think it makes all the difference.


  • Lisa Johnson, as well as being a wedding planner, is a business coach. She offers a lot of free advice through posts and ‘lives’ on her facebook page about things like being more visible to your ideal client, time blocking, and passive income. I would really recommend watching some of her videos and hopefully she can help you recapture the passion that got you started on your small business journey.
  • Anna Barrington is a founding director at Channel Digital. If you’re looking for help with SEO, visibility and social media on the tech side, then have a read of her blog posts as she has some good advice to get you started. For me, reading about that side of things is like reading in another language but I found her posts really helpful and if you’re struggling with it, hopefully her info can get you moving in the right direction.
  • The third person is Emma Soulsby. This is more of a suggestion for fellow florists as Emma has a group on Facebook that offers industry advice as well as the business side of things. The group is made up of a really friendly, supportive crowd and if you’re feeling a bit like you’re out on your own, request to join. It’s very interactive with a lot of live videos where you can ask questions and also see behind the scenes of shoots she’s working on.

I know it can be hard to keep motivated, we all have those days where you question yourself, but you know what? You’ve come this far right? It’s OK not to feel upbeat and super positive all the time. Just because your cushion says ‘You got this!’ doesn’t mean you're always going to feel that way. That’s OK. It’s alright not to be inspired by a cushion.  

Just think, nothing changes if nothing changes, the ‘trick’ is to take action. You don’t even have to smile while you’re doing it.

Kate Bellamy