About ME

My floral career started when I ran a flower stall in Somerset when I was 19. I had been working there for about two weeks when the guy who owned it said he wanted a break and did I want to run it? Without a thought, (or a whole lot of skills), I said yes immediately, (anyone else miss their self assured 19 year old self?). I’m so glad I had that experience, as it started my love for floristry.

My love of flowers themselves started earlier. My Mum, who was the most creative person I know, loved flowers and passed that love on to me, along with so much more.

After university, I worked in Journalism, Comedy and Television Production, but as fun as those jobs were, I was missing the pure joy I got from flowers. So here I am, many years later, getting the absolute privilege of designing people’s weddings.

Although I now live in Twickenham, growing up in the beautiful Somerset countryside is still at the core of who I am and so wherever possible I like to use locally grown / British grown flowers, with the hope of one day using them exclusively and working within a brief that’s dictated by the seasons.
I love using foraged foliage with lots of texture to create a natural and wild feel. I think flowers look their best when you utilise their own unique shape, nothing fussy or forced, just letting each stem stand out, like it’s still growing.

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